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Based out of Orange County NY, OC Powerlifters is about all forms of strength training. From USAPL powerlifting to strength and conditioning for all sports.

We welcome all athletes to come out and train. Whether it is to get ready for a PL Meet or just get some great conditioning done, we will do it all! Thanks again for stopping by. Be Safe, Train Hard, and remember… think Big and think Strong!

Looking to train? We got Stones, weights, sleds, tires! Everything!

Just shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we will plan a kick a** training session!


A Taste of OCPL!

Some lifting and training with Orange County Powerlifters
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  • Frank Panaro of Orange County Powerlifters hits a 665 deadlift at the USAPL sanction Albany Strength powerlifting championship. He was in the 242 masters class.
  • Dale Hammond of OC Powerlifters hits some floor press training… 365 Floor Press and Incline Log Press

2011 OC Powerlifting Championship

Orange County Powerlifters will be hosting there annual Powerlifting Championship on May 21st 2011 in Pine Bush NY.

Application and more meet info will follow soon.


Powerlifting Shoes – Why All Lifters Are Required To Wear Them

A really good pair of weightlifting shoes are more than just a set of shoes to a powerlifter, they more of an extension to their body. The real pro powerlifters take their shoes everywhere with them and they are never left at home for any training session.

I myself have often left my belt or wraps at home but the same cannot be said for my powerlifting shoes. In fact, I should probably be receiving some sort of compensation from Adidas or Reebok just based on the number of shoes that I have allowed people to try, recommended and in the end, they went and bought themselves a pair.  This is kind of why powerlifting is great.

We share knowledge and equipment too. We just want to help each other out.

powerlifting shoes

More than ever we are seeing sports equipment companies come out with new colour styles, unique shoe versions, and even shoe personalization. That is good news for its strength sports customers (like us). The continuous demand for sneakers makes businesses continue to enhance their current versions while incorporating great character facets like colour schemes.

In power sports there is not typically showy equipment, we pretty much just have our gym clothes the heavy weights we lift. Weightlifting shoes are just one chance we have to add character to the sport (if that’s your sort of thing).

Companies even make slightly different shoes for males and females too nowadays.  Powerlifting shoes for women will often be narrower among other things.  Not to mention they are usually available in a wider selection of colors when compared to powerlifting shoes for men.

Apart from how they look, there are numerous benefits of powerlifting shoes.  Here are a couple of the most important ones:

A Solid Foundation

Together with the elevated heel, weightlifting shoes give a good foundation for lifting a weight. This normally is a tough vinyl, wood, or mix of both. In almost any lift, the very last thing you need is an unstable surface to lift from. By supplying a sturdy foundation, we can feel more protected throughout the movement and this can increase our weightlifting capacity.

The Raised Heel

Weightlifting sneakers have raised heels, this enhances our skills to keep the right postures throughout the lift. If it comes to lifting competitively, a problem with keeping the right posture could stop a lifter from completing a successful lift. Heel elevations differ from shoe to shoe, the idea is to get the right balance between maintaining a power position and keeping a grip of the weight.

Ankle Support

Most shoes are made out of rubber, leather, or maybe some plastic material.  Some also provide additional foot and ankle support. Some sneakers incorporate an additional strap or 2 to offer support. All of this extra stability flows together with a good foundation to create a safe and secure feeling, which often helps us spread the ground more effectively to develop electricity.

powerlifting shoes deadlift

Injury Prevention

A weightlifting shoe is a great preventative measure for harm or injury. If you are performing complicated movements and heavy lifts, then there is always an increased risk of harm. By using a shoe that offers a good foundation, you can reduce this risk. Shoes with rubber, unstable bases or lack of support may put the body in a poor position, which increases the risk of an injury.

So the raised heel, strong foundation, and ankle support area are all very important aspects of a good quality weightlifting shoe. These all help with our movement thought lifts, especially when it is from the ankle, knee or hip.

As soon as we improve our mobility when lifting heavy weights, we increase our ability to correctly create power and keep a strong position. Inadequate hip and ankle flexion is a restricting factor for maximum power production for the squat and deadlift.

If you are a regular lifter and have not looked into proper powerlifting sneakers, what are you waiting for? They are a terrific tool for improving your lifting game and will likely last for a very long time.